Africaine 808

Africaine 808

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After years of exploring the depths of musical genres and the boundaries of blending, mixing and refining rhythm patterns and harmonies from around the globe, the two Berliners DIRK LEYERS and DJ NOMAD expressed their hard-earned musical freedom in a paradox: the use of an 808 drum machine to recreate and add to traditional African rhythms.

Instead of using samples from other musicians, the two recorded most of the instruments themselves, mixing analogue sound with synthesizers and drum machines. In spring 2012 they took it to another level, turning their studio project into a full live act at one of the VULKANDANCE nights in Berlin.

Nowadays the duo’s live performance ranges from a basic laptop and drum machine/synthesizer act for smaller and medium-sized clubs to a full stage band setup with drummer Dodo NKishi (of Mouse on Mars), Ghanaian master percussionist Eric Owusu (of the Ebo Taylor Band/Kwashibu Area Band) plus various MCs and vocalists.

They appeared at countless festivals in 2016/17 including legendary stages such as Worldwide Festival, Dekmantel, Unsound, Nuits Sonores, the Djoon Experience & many more. Their debut single “Lagos New York” for Golf Channel Recordings was described as “one of the most important releases of 2014,” taking third place on the annual “Furtive 50” charts of Many other 12-inches followed, highlighting the duo’s musical versatility.

The 2016 album “Basar” on Golf Channel Recordings links the musical upbringing of the two producers with the talents of some of their friends to produce a rarely heard variety of genres without ever losing their unique trademark sound. It shows how multifaceted the project is, creating listening music with the aesthetics of dance music and vice versa: jazz, gospel, African drums, Detroit electro synths, blues guitars, fragile trip hop vocals, jungle basslines and house music again are alchemically fused into something that is way more than just another world dance music album.



Date Venue Country
03.03.2018 Copenhagen, Alice CPH Denmark
06.10.2018 St.Gallen, Palace Switzerland

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