For Europe, which lately seems to tolerate dictators and annexations and becomes a home for xenophobia and new conservatism, the eight members of RotFront are the Avengers. This Berlin-based band of emigrants from Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria and Austria throws at you a musical analogue of a Molotov cocktail, mixed from garage rock, reggae, ska, hiphop and eastern european folk music.

Guaranteed to keep not only your legs, but also your brain busy!




Date Venue Country
25.01.2019 M√ľnchen, Ampere Germany
26.01.2019 Innsbruck, Treibhaus Austria
09.03.2019 Leipzig, UT Connewitz Germany
16.03.2019 Waiblingen, Schwanen Germany
20.03.2019 Bielefeld, Forum Germany
21.03.2019 Wiesbaden, Schlachthof Germany
23-03.2019 Hamburg, Fabrik Germany

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