Systema Solar

Systema Solar is a music-visual collective from the Caribbean region of Colombia. Its' members come from diverse territorial and sonorous latitudes and have been able to find among the different Afro-Caribbean vibrations, an endless sea of possibilities to enhance the strength and power of the Colombian music. The goal of the collective is to create music and visual shows with their own style that they denominate 'Berbenautika', inspired by the tradition of the 'Pikós' (sound systems) and the verbena (Caribbean parties).

Its' crew gather to create, adapt, and reinvent music in an unforeseen manner with a strong emphasis in their cult to dance and happiness. They recreate Cumbia, Fadango, Champeta, and Bullerengue among others, mixing them through electronic tools with different rhythms and cultural styles such as Hip Hop, House, Techno, Break beats, Scratching and live video.


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