Ayom's self titled debut album is a swinging collection of tracks pointing at, and borrowing from, the folk music of Brazil, Angola and Cape Verde. Blending century old traditions with the black and rhythmical language of lusophone cultures, Ayom defy the purists and provide a hot-stepping and spiritual voyage across the Atlantic.

-TOP of the world 10 Albums of 2020 Songlines
-Ranking Transglobal world music chart #29 January 2021 Transglobal chart
-Top 15 world music albums Spin the Globe
-Nomination Best 10 groups 2021 Songlines
- 1° Best World Music Album /German Record Critics Association.

Ayom’s debut is a delight. Isn’t just music, it’s ritual magic… Irresistible swing like tropical sun penetrating grey clouds… The album is an enchanting journey of joy tinged with sweet sorrow.
Songlines, Alex Robinson

An Intoxicating dose of entrancing ritual magic come courtesy of this crew who playfully navigate myriad Afrolusophone tropes on this, their delightful debut. Songlines

Among the hottest releases of Brazilian music. Rollingstone

It’s a surprise a minute on this album. If this band sounds this good live, they’re going to positively slay in the post-pandemic touring circuit…Their trade winds sound is either the melding of influences or the uncovering of shared ancestors, but there’s more than enough visceral charm here to set aside “name the influence” and just enjoy a big, buoyant melody skipping between languages and over the rhythm. Afropop

A mix of Brazilian, tropical, afrolatin and afrolusitan sounds and rhythms, between Cape Verde and Angola, Cesaria Evora and tropicalistas Internazionale

Brazilian vocalist Jabu Morales sings cloudless salutations to the Orixas and the band are spirited.
Wire Magazine

It's never the wrong time for a genre bending slice of Brazilian - Angolan - Cape Verdean swing with accordeon…You ‘ll fell the sun on your face. Mojo

Ayom music is charming. It’s both compelling and easy to assimilate. Sounds & colours

Exceptionally lively, beautiful and contagious music… A very captivating Afro-Brazilian fusion and perfect for dancing. Mixed World Music

"The band Ayom sounds like they’ve been cultivating their Brazil-Cape Verde-Mediterranean mix for years. The variety of rhythms used is overwhelming. Not easy to get right! But they make it work remarkably well, contagiously cheerful, light-footed, and airy. A compact rhythm group, a multifaceted accordion, a radiant lead voice, a balanced production: the feel-good album of the season is ready."
German Record Critics Association



Date Venue Country
08.04.2022 Budapest, Ritmo Festival Hungary
05.05.2022 Caceres, Womad Festival Spain
02.06.2022 Pennanibili, Artisti in Piazza Italy
09.06.2022 Mindelo, AME Cape Verde
11.06.2022 Tavira, Rock da Baixa Mar Portugal
17.06.2022 Seixal, World Music fest Portugal
18.06.2022 Dortmund, Cosmo Festival Germany
23.06.2022 Madeira, Raises do Atlantico Portugal
29.06.2022 Lärz, Fusion Festival Germany
01.07.2022 Riga, Ritmi Festival Latvia
02.07.2022 Gors, Rezekne Latvia
03.07.2022 Amsterdam, Roots Festival Netherlands
05.07.2022 London, Jazz Café United Kingdom
08.07.2022 Forden, Fjorden Festivalen Norway
10.07.2022 Salerno, Festival del Mare Italy
15.07.2022 Pamicale, Effetto 48 Italy
16.07.2022 Tricase, Bari in Jazz Italy
17.07.2022 Bari, Monopoli Italy
18.07.2022 Gent, Trefpunt Belgium
20.07.2022 Toulouse, Festival de Convivençia France
25.07.2022 Namest nad Oslavou, Folk Holidays Czech
27.07.2022 Lugano, Festival Switzerland
29.07.2022 Bottna, Clandestino Festival Sweden
30.07.2022 Krems, Glatt & Verkehrt Austria
31.07.2022 Passau, Jazzfest Germany
05.08.2022 Nida, Jazz Maratonas Lituania
07.08.2022 Trakaye, Uzutrakai Vakarai Litiuania
08.08.2022 Carpino, Folk Festival Italy
18.08.2022 Munich, Import Export Germany
19.08.2022 Innsbruck, Treibhaus Austria
20.08.2022 Jena, Kulturarena Germany
27.08.2022 Castelvolturno, Jova Beach Italy
14.10.2022 Salzburg, Jazz in the City Austria
15.10.2022 Salzburg, Jazz in the City Austria
09.12.2022 Rennes, Les Transmusicales France
10.12.2022 Rennes, Les Transmusicales France

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