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Marina Sena launches her second album “Vício Inerente” with twelve tracks produced by Iuri Rio Branco and the participation of Fleezus, the album is a sure bet to consolidatesinger from Minas Gerais as one of the most important voices of the contemporary scene.

Marina Sena's explosion of sensuality, swing, charisma and attitude is back. Now on their second album, “Vício Inerente”, which is available on music apps through Sony Music. Produced by Iuri Rio Branco, the album comes to consolidate once and for all the career of the artist from the North of Minas Gerais who made Brazil and the world smile with her debut in “De Primeira”. São Paulo (Audio) and Rio de Janeiro (Vivo Rio) will host the debut shows of the tour on May 5th and 6th.
“Vício Inerente” is a modern pop album that seems to have been made in the year 2050. There is trap, pagotrap, reggaeton, drill, R&B, Triphop, Soul, and the already known influence of MPB that Marina brings to her compositions . It's impactful, strong, elegant. It brings the same authentic and bold signature already known by the singer. Mixing was done at “The Hive” and “NRG” studios by Daniel Pampuri and Marcelinho Ferraz. All meticulously done, as well as the music video for the focus track “Olho no gato”, which accompanies the launch and arrives next Sunday.

The disc already starts hot with “Dano sarrada”, showing that the girl from Minas Gerais is even more pop and forward. The second track, “Olho no gato”, brings a passionate strangeness, in Marina Sena style. Afterwards, the hit “Tudo pra amar você”, released as a single, follows the album.
At this point, it's hard not to be totally dependent on the “Inherent Vice” that Marina has just brought into our lives. “All yours”, the fourth track, only increases the need to throw yourself into this world without wanting the album to end. The fifth song, “Send a sign”, in the way of composing refers to those Cassiano classics, which burst hearts.
It's hard to bet on which song will be the biggest hit on “Vício Inerente”, but without a doubt, “Me Win”, the sixth song, is a strong candidate for its theme, arrangement and balance. Marina remains inspired and passionate about “Que tal” - which features Fleezus. Already in “My paradise am I” and “Partiu capoeira” it is self-love that is exalted. The tenth track, “Mais de mil” is pure boldness and rhyme. A fiery tale with a sure beat. And this vibe continues in “Sonho bom”, showing once again that Marina's sharp pen blends perfectly with Iuri Rio Branco's productions. “Vício Inerente” ends with “To stay with me” and the certainty that, fortunately, the history of Brazilian music will not be without the powerhouse that is Marina Sena. Her sound is for those who are addicted to music (good!).

About Marina Sena

Since the release of her first single in her solo career, Marina Sena has already shown what she came for. Afterwards, her debut album had a prophetic title: “First”. And that's exactly how it happened... Brazil, right away, lay in the smile of the singer and songwriter coming from the North of Minas already in her debut in the phonographic market. The sharp pen and unmistakable timbre meet Marina Sena's perfect aesthetics and stunning sensuality. The result was breathtaking. Crowded concerts, magazine covers, awards, TV shows and international tours became routine in the life of the artist who, since she was a child, already knew that her destiny was to be a popstar.



Date Venue Country
26.06.2024 Barcelona, Sala Apolo Spain
27.06.2024 Paris, New Morning France
29.06.2024 Dublin, Sugar Club IR
30.06.2024 London, Jazz Cafe United Kingdom
02.07.2024 Amsterdam, Tolhuiston Netherlands
05.07.2024 Roskilde, Roskilde Festival DK
06.07.2024 Madrid, Sala Moon Spain
27.07.2024 Cascais, Cool Jazz Portugal
31.07.2024 Berlin, Gretchen Germany
02.08.2024 Brno, Brasil Fest Brno CZ
03.08.2024 Zurich, Moods Switzerland
27.10.2024 New York, Le Poisson Rouge US

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