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Santrofi in Akan mythology is the tale of a precious rare and precious bird, identified by its bright colours and four wings. So unique, it was forbidden to be hunted; If caught to hold, was a symbol of bad omen, if spotted and left to fly away, a great treasure will be forfeit. Santrofi is revered for the clarity of its vision and the transformative beauty and power of its song.

Very proverbial of the new vintage-inspired Highlife, Highlife Funk and Afrobeat, Santrofi is a collective of celebrated young musicians known within Ghana’s music circles. Led by Bassist/ producer Emmanuel Ofori who rose from the immutable Ebo Taylor, and Pat Thomas and Kwashibu Area Band to form his own collective deeply informed by vintage Ghanaian highlife music in all its forms - some largely unknown to the world ranging from the smelting soulful highlife sound that can only be nurtured by Accra’s afternoon scorch, to the riveting fast-paced pulse of 70s dance-guitar highlife, or to the other-worldly sound of Highlife funk, 50s big band highlife or the polyrhythmic beats and melodies that took Afrobeat across the globe. This wall of sound, although long lost and forgotten, is back with effortless ease and with a progressive edge like it never left.

Santrofi’s debut album ‘Alewa’ captures the influence from the diverse, yet, intertwined eras of the journey of Ghana’s Highlife’s music, unlike it has ever been done; in recent years or years gone by; interestingly, Alewa also doubles as the title to one of the singles on the album. A metaphor about a popularly known local black and white striped sweet made from sugar; representative of the symbol of independence in the harmony of Sanofi's multi-instrumentalists who all alternate in their arrangements both on record and on stage in a showcase of musical progressive liberation. Alewa is also a metaphor alluding to the need to recognize, accept, tolerate and embrace racial diversity to build a world with love and unity.

On bass guitar is Emmanuel Ofori, electric lead guitars, Dominic Quarchie (Ghana’s Music Awards’ winner of instrumentalist of the year 2018) on the rhythm guitar and lead vocals Nsoroma, Bernard Gyamfi on trombone and shekere, Norbert Wonkyi on trumpet, Flugelhorn and bells, Prince Larbi on drums and vocals. Emmanuel Boakye Agyeman on organs, fender rhodes and vocals, Victor Nii Amoo on percussions, and Kofi ‘IamBeatMenace’ as the co-producer, audio engineer and brands Coordinator.



Date Venue Country
21.05.2022 Brussels, Jam’n'Jette Belgium
25.05.2022 München, Kammerspiele Therese Giese Halle Germany
26.05.2022 München, Import Export Germany
27.05.2022 Ötigheim, Bierzelt support for La Brassbanda Germany
28.05.2022 Bochum, Ruhr International Germany
29.05.2022 Helsinki, World Village Festival FIN
31.05.2022 Wiesbaden, Schlachthof Germany
01.06.2022 Cologne, CBE Germany
02.06.2022 Berlin, Kulturbrauerei Germany
04.06.2022 Skopje, OFF Festival MZ
11.06.2022 Linz, The Great Reclaim At
16.06.2022 Leeds, Brudenell Social Club United Kingdom
17.06.2022 Kingdom, United Kingdom
18.06.2022 Toulouse, Rio Loco France
19.06.2022 Liverpool, Africa Oyé United Kingdom
30.06.2022 Lent, Festival SLO
01.07.2022 Lärz, Fusion Festival Germany
02.07.2022 Värska, Seto Folk EST
03.07.2022 Beuningen, Down the Rabbithole Netherlands
06.07.2022 Hamburg, Knust Germany
07.07.2022 Kopenhagen, Jazz Festival DK
09.07.2022 Rudolstadt, Festival Germany
15.07.2022 Lichtenvoorde, Zwarte Cross Netherlands
16.07.2022 Amsterdam, Kwaku Netherlands
19.07.2022 Nyon, Paleo Switzerland
20.07.2022 Nyon, Paleo Switzerland
21.07.2022 Cartagena, Mar de Musica Spain
23.07.2022 Koblenz, Horizonte Festival Germany
24.07.2022 Cartagena, Mar de Musica S
29.07.2022 Thisted, Alive Festival DK
30.07.2022 Steinhausen, Waldstsock Switzerland
31.07.2022 Bridisi, Jova Beach IT
04.08.2022 Eeklo, Helden In the Park Belgium
05.08.2022 Bad Windsheim, Weinturm Germany
06.08.2022 Wieselburg, Hiesige & Dosige AUT
09.08.2022 Grimaud, Festival Les Grimaldines France
11.08.2022 Budapest, Sziget Festival Hungary
12.08.2022 Düsseldorf, Afrika Tage Germany
13.08.2022 Köln, Schokoladenfabrik Germany

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